10 Reasons to Visit Dublin

Welcome to Dublin! Home to the world famous Guinness beer, Trinity College and Ha’Penny Bridge. Amongst those images are ten reasons to visit Dublin if you ever find yourself here.

1. Trinity College

You will want to head to the old library where the Book of Kells is located. You might be wondering what the Book of Kells is and it basically contains the four gospels. You will not be able to touch them since the books are fragile to the touch and could crumble beneath your hands. This is why the books are encased in glass in order to keep them available for those who would like to see the books.

The best time to visit might be first thing in the morning or near the end of the day when the library is closing. Any other time might have too many people crowding around to see the books which will make it harder for you to view them.

Give yourself a few moments to walk through the old library itself. You will see rows upon rows of bookcases on either side of the walls. You will not be able to touch these books since they are roped off to the public. On either side of the bookcases, you might find a statue of Socrates or another world famous philosopher.

Trinity College

Trinity College

2. Guinness Storehouse

I love that you can take your time walking through the storehouse on your own and not with a tour. It makes it easier for you to see things at your own pace instead of trying to keep up with everyone in your group.

My main objective in going to Guinness Storehouse was to make it to the main level where they show you how to pour a pint of Guinness. Seriously, have you ever wondered how the perfect pint gets poured? You will be shown here and you even receive a certificate that shows you have mastered the art of pouring the perfect pint. When you are done then you can take your pint with you and walk up to the Gravity Bar and drink it while you view the city as it spreads out before you.


focal_leat / Pixabay

Learning how to pour a pint of Guinness

3. Phoenix Park

The park is 1,752 acres so be prepared to spend more than one day here if time allows. I didn’t really know about this park until someone at Jacobs Inn where I was staying brought it to my attention. You see I was looking for a place where I could walk and remain fit during my travels. This became my favorite place in Dublin because of this very reason. It wasn’t that difficult to get to from the hostel where I was staying and gave me an area where I could run and walk away from the city streets.

Not me but one of my nieces during one of our runs through Phoenix Park

Not me but one of my nieces during one of our runs through Phoenix Park

4. Ha’Penny Bridge

What other place in Dublin can you walk to and see love locks or wish locks placed throughout the structure of the bridge. I would look up at the arches and notice the locks, look at the sides of the bridge and see other locks. Can you imagine how many years it must have taken to put these locks on the bridge? Who knows how long they will stay there before officials decide they need to be taken down?

Wow! Look at all these padlocks

5. St Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

6. O’Connell Street

This is the main street in the city and wasn’t difficult to find when staying at Jacobs Inn. Be prepared for it to be busy so try and navigate to some of the side streets surrounding it.

Heading towards O'Connor Street

Heading towards O'Connor Street in Dublin

Heading towards O’Connell Street

7. Grafton Street

This is the place to be for shopping while you are in the city. While there, I found a purse that I am still using.

Picography / Pixabay

Pratheesh / Pixabay

8. The Bagel Bar Coffee House

I found this place by accident but so glad I did. I love me a good bagel and this place didn’t disappoint. This place does sell other items if you do not want a bagel. They sell wraps, paninis, sandwiches, toasties, soups, salads, desserts and pastries. I knew what I wanted and that was a bagel. Nothing else would do. You have to know that their bagels are not of the bagel and cream cheese variety though you can get this if you wanted.

It took me a few minutes to decide that I wanted something with guacamole. I chose the Manhattan which came with bacon, cheddar and chive cream cheese on a spinach bagel along with the guacamole, of course. It was perfect beginning to the morning.

They have a few locations throughout Dublin in case you want to see which one is closest to where you are staying.

Bagel (Manhatten); So Good!!

Had the Manhatten and hot chocolate at the Bagel Bar in Dublin

At the Bagel Bar in Dublin

9. Beshoff Restaurant

I had been thinking about fish and chips before I arrived in Dublin. I knew that was the first food I wanted to have as soon as I could find a place that served it. I found Beshoff’s on O’Connell Street and sat down to the delight of my taste buds. They serve other items if you do not want fish and chips while you are here.


Fish and Chips

10. Pub Crawl

You can’t go to Dublin without going on a pub crawl. I recommend not going on one when you first arrive from an international flight because you will more than likely be jetlagged from your trip. Now there are many tour companies to choose from if you decide to go with a group instead of going on your own. I chose Dublin City Pub Crawl and had the best time getting to know the people in the group and going from one pub to the next that was part of the crawl.


I would love to hear your thoughts on Dublin if you’ve ever visited this city or if you ever decide to plan a trip here.