5 Reasons to Visit Vienna

Welcome to Vienna! Images of Sacher Torte, Vienna Boys’ Choir and horse drawn carriages are a few things that are brought to mind when you think of this city. Amongst those images are five reasons to visit Vienna if you ever find yourself here.

1. Vienna State Opera

Did you know you can stand outside of the Karajan-Platz and watch opera or ballet unfold before you as it’s happening on the video wall that is positioned outside of the opera house? I didn’t know you could do this until I happened upon the opera house one night in May when I was in Vienna. It was amazing to watch the live performance and even better because it’s free to watch it outside. You’ll need to remember you can only watch it on the video wall from the beginning of April to the end of June and then again in September.

Vienna, Opera

2. Zentralfriedhof

No visit to Vienna is complete without stopping at the central cemetery. This is where Beethoven is buried. I was looking for this cemetery when I was wandering around Vienna and thought I found it on my first attempt. Alas, I ended up at the wrong cemetery and it took me the next day to find this one. You won’t be disappointed walking around the grounds with roads leading in different directions to the many famous people buried here. You won’t find Mozart buried at Zentralfriedhof if you are looking for where he is buried. You will need to go to St. Marx Cemetery to see his unmarked grave.


3. Schonbrunn Palace

I didn’t go inside but did manage to walk around the outdoor areas near the Palm House for free. I highly recommend this area if only to walk around the grounds and see some of the beauty that is part of Vienna. While there, I saw a few people lounging on the grass which is something I would have loved to have done if I had more time.



4. Sacher Torte

I couldn’t leave Vienna without trying this chocolatey goodness; this amazing piece of chocolate cake that was sat before me while I was sitting in one of those outside cafes. I wish I could remember which cafe I stopped at because it was the best cake I have had because it literally melted in my mouth. So, if you are like me, you want to try all types of food whether it is well-known or some of the lesser-known concoctions out there. This falls into the very well-known category for the dessert of Vienna.

5. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

You can’t miss it since it will be the first thing you see when you get off the metro stop. To me, it epitomizes all the beauty that is Vienna.


I would love to hear your thoughts on Vienna if you’ve ever visited this city or if you ever decide to plan a trip here.