Another Quiet Day in Interlaken

Interlaken Switzerland
Interlaken Switzerland

Today was pretty much like yesterday except that I was outside a lot longer enjoying the sun and looking up at the snow capped mountains. Walked through town a little ways and then headed back to get something to eat. Stopped at an Asian store and ordered chicken with rice and vegetables (spicy) and sat outside to eat. I had the most amazing view from where I was sitting. I could see the mountains with snow still covering them and parts of the village from where I sat. Got to thinking that I live in the mountains back home and yet I was no longer happy where I was living. I was feeling closed in and not appreciating the beauty that is Yosemite. I hope this trip will have taught me one thing and that is to appreciate living and working in Yosemite.

I guess I have done some soul searching since I have been gone. Travelling does that to you. It gives you the chance to experience more and reflect on your life. I am so glad I took this trip and that I ended up taking it on my own. This trip made me learn so much about myself. I learned that I can be alone and still be o.k. That I can step out of my shyness and meet new people and travel with complete strangers who in turn become friends along the way. That’s what travelling is all about; experiencing new things and meeting new people along the way …. And Yosemite helped me realize this by helping make this trip a reality.

Back at the hostel and have finished my book. Guess I will have to wait until I get back to England before I can buy another book. Hmm, what will I do for the rest of the day? I don’t feel like walking around town since I will be doing enough of that when I get back to London on Monday. I can’t believe I only have a week left before I have to head back home. Less then a week. Where has the time gone? Guess what they say about time goes by fast when you are having fun. Definitely stands true with me. Had so much fun on this trip that it now almost over.

Heading out of Interlaken tomorrow for Paris. Will be staying in Paris overnight before heading back to London.