Heading Back to London

Headed back to London this morning. Ran into Cory (the guy from San Francisco who is one of the guides on busabout that I met last month). He remembered me and asked if I would be on the bus with him to Spain since that is the area that he is working for busabout. I told him that I wish I could but I would be heading back to London since my travels are almost over.

I would have loved to have travelled for longer but I didn’t want to use up all my savings on the trip. Will need to save more money for the next trip I take.

Already made my reservation for St. Christopher’s Village for tonight since I wasn’t sure if the busabout guide would be making the reservation for me since this was the end of the busabout part of the trip for me. Staying in London for tonight. Then heading to Stratford-Upon-Avon tomorrow morning and stay there for a couple of days before heading back to London. London will be my last stop before heading back home.

Arrived in London at 3:00. I was sad leaving Europe behind but it’s not good-bye. I will return to visit. Of that I am sure.

Got settled in my room and then walked down to see London Dungeon which is right by the London Bridge tube station. Took about 1 ½ hours to walk through the whole thing. Dealt with some of the horrors that London has experienced ie Jack the Ripper case and the great fire of London. Even went on this boat ride through the dungeon in the dark which wasn’t scary at all.