Best of Sorrento, Italy

Hands down, Sorrento is my favorite place in Italy. It could be that it is along the coast. It could be because it is the place where I had the best pizza I have ever tasted. It could be because of the friends I made and hung out with during my time here. All I know is the memories I have made from this beautiful place will stay with me forever.

You would think I had visited Sorrento more than once; not in this case, I had only visited in 2001 during my backpacking trip. I was fortunate to stay here for more than a few days so I could experience some of what makes this place special. For me, it was walking from where I was staying at Santa Fortunata down to Sorrento. You see, the campground where I was staying was on the outskirts of the town. I had to walk along this narrow pathway on the road to get to the town. I didn’t mind that at all because the view along the coast was spectacular leaving me speechless.

Here I am at the campground where I stayed on the outskirts of Sorrento; Santa Fortunata.

Santa Fortunata, Campground on the Outskirts of Sorrento Italy

Sorrento Italy

Sorrento Italy

One thing I absolutely loved and made my time here special was that I could walk down to the beach from where I was staying. All you have to do is look for the footpath from behind the campground and it will take you right down to the area where you will see rocks that edge down to the water below. The rocks are big enough that you can sit down on them and enjoy the view around you. Or you can lie out on a beach towel and enjoy the sun if you choose to do that as well. Oh and can I say the water was so clear and blue. I had never seen water this blue before I got here and that is no exaggeration.

Sorrento Italy

luckysilver1 / Pixabay

joakant / Pixabay

Now for the pizza; the best pizza I ever had was at II Ciclone which is located on the outskirts of Sorrento. I always went for the red sauce when I would order pizza. While here, I decided to order something out of the ordinary for me and went with the white sauce. Now there is no going back; pizza with white sauce is the best. You have to stop at this restaurant if you are ever in Sorrento or close enough to make it one of your stops in Italy. You won’t regret it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Sorrento if you’ve ever visited this city or if you ever decide to plan a trip here.