Best Sandwiches on Kihei – Maui, Hawaii

Joy’s Place in Kihei has the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. They were so good that I tried to replicate the exact sandwich I would get when I got back home. They were that good. And it wasn’t like I haven’t eaten a good sandwich in my lifetime.

I was in Kihei for a week and was lucky to find Joy’s towards the beginning of my trip. I was looking for something healthy and I found it in this place. I must have eaten here a total of three times if not more. I would always stop here on my way back from my walk to pick up a sandwich for lunch. Now there was a day that I stopped by that they didn’t have the sprouted grain bread. I was a bit disappointed with that since I tend to get the same thing when I find something I love. But I decided to try the same sandwich on the sprouted grain tortilla. Or what is commonly known as the wrap. It was just as good and you got just as much as you would if you had gotten the same thing on bread.

I know the sandwich I would get at Joy’s had items on it that I never thought I would ever eat on a sandwich. I mean who puts carrots and sprouts on bread and not just any bread. Sprouted grain bread…… I have never had that before but it sometimes nice to change things up a bit. But the combination of everything on the turkey avocado cheese worked perfectly. It was the combination of everything that made this sandwich work for me. It had the right amount of turkey mixed with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, grated carrots, onion and sprouts. Put all of that on sprouted grain bread and you have my mouth salivating for another bite.

Now if you are saying to yourself that you don’t want a sandwich but something else. Well, Joy’s has other items on the menu to try. I never did because I kept going back for the turkey sandwich. She makes smoothies, spelt muffins, veggie burgers and I could go on about what she has on her menu. The great thing about it is that the food she serves is made to order, organic and healthy for you. Who doesn’t want to try and eat healthier?

Writing this brings me back to Maui, my walks on the beach, watching the sun set and eating at my favorite place in Kihei. So if you are ever in Maui and make your way to Kihei then you have to stop by Joy’s place. You won’t regret it. Don’t take my word for it. Make it one of your stops on the island and check it out for yourself. I would love to hear what you thought of the place and if you loved the sandwiches as much as I did.

Check out her site @ Joy’s Place