Body boarding

I never thought I would want to go body boarding or even have it make its way onto my life goals list but there it is. I went body boarding for the first time today, with and without, a board. I headed to Sunset Beach with a group and found the further out you go into the ocean the better you are to ride the wave all the way in.

I found out that you need to hold the board above you so that if you crash into a wave and you aren’t ready to body board yet then you won’t fall over into the water, board and all. So I held the board above me as I headed into the ocean.  I started off close to the shore but found I wasn’t on the board for long because as soon as I caught a wave I was back to shore. Realized I needed to go a lot further out if I wanted to ride the wave for longer.

I also tried using myself to catch the wave but didn’t like that as much. Basically when the wave is coming at you then you need to swim with it so it catches you and you are riding the wave. I did that a few times but the last time I ended up under the water and drank more salt water then anything else. Now who wants to drink salt water from the ocean. Not me. If I was going to drink anything it wouldn’t be water from the ocean.

I stuck to body boarding and riding the waves all the way into shore. What a rush to have these waves come at you and you are literally riding them.

One thing you need besides a board when you do this is a wetsuit. I borrowed one to use and it kept me warm while I was in the water. Out of the water was another story. With the water as cold as it was, you need a wetsuit if you are going to go body boarding. I feel it gives you more freedom as the waves crash into you. One thing, you aren’t freezing when you are out there!