March in Budapest and Bucharest

I will be the first to admit when I travel that I tend to revisit a lot of the same countries. Some of that might have to do with all the great memories I had of those places and I wanted to experience some of those moments again. I know you can’t experience the exact same things again because things will be different when you try and recreate moments you had. Some of it might have to do with sharing those moments with the people you met along the way. So of course you won’t be able to have those same moments when you go back to the same city you had visited. For instance – Paris in 2001 had some of my best moments because I shared them with a couple of people from Busabout. Flash-forward towards the end of my trip and back to Paris I went but this time on my own and that time in the same city didn’t feel the same to me. Maybe a lot of it has more to do with not necessarily the moments but the comfort in knowing my way around the city because I had stepped foot in that city more than once.

This time is going to be different; I am gasp going to be visiting Budapest and Bucharest which are two cities I have never visited. Can I say it was a bit nerve wracking when I purchased the ticket for my flight? I kept debating if I should go or not. It had been years since I have taken a solo trip…. Did I have it in me to wander through those cities? I hope so…. I did it before and managed to make it through three months in Europe on my own. Why couldn’t I do it this time? I hadn’t changed. I was still the same person I was back then.

I will be traveling to Budapest and Bucharest in the middle of March for two weeks. I have a myriad of emotions about it; two really, nervous and excitement but mainly excitement to be exploring two new cities for the first time. I am looking forward to getting lost; not lost in the sense I can’t find my way around but lost in the sense that I will find hidden gems in the cities that I wasn’t expecting to find.


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In throwing caution to the wind; what cities would you love to visit that you have never visited? I would love to hear which ones and why you decided they were the ones you wanted to see for the first time.



  • You’re going to love both cities! We’ve been to both and the baths in Budapest are something that frequented cross my mind in the form of “Ohhh I totally wish I could enjoy the thermals baths in Budapest right now!!” And Bucharest is a fascinating mix of communist style architecture and beautiful old houses that are decaying from disrepair. The parliament building there is quite the history lesson too! Enjoy your trip 🙂

    • Kim says:

      I am looking forward to seeing both cities especially since I have never been to either one. I hope to walk around the cities as much as possible versus taking the metro everywhere I go. I feel you get to see more of where you are when you are walking.

  • I’m looking forward to visiting Palermo and Lisbon this summer. I’ve wanted to explore the island of Sicily for quite some time. I can’t wait to see the markets and have a food tour.

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