Cemetery Du Pere Lachaise and Cali Guys

As we were walking to the cemetery, I had to use the bathroom. We stopped at a cafe where I used the restroom and Tracy ordered a drink. I came outside to sit down while she finished her drink when the owner came out yelling at me in french. Seemed like he was yelling at me. He could have just been talking loudly. I think I was suppose to order something in order to use the bathroom. I wasn’t about to order anything with him being rude to me. There wasn’t even a toilet that I had to use. It was a hole in the ground. Worse than an outhouse.

We decided to walk to the Cemetery Du Pere Lachaise where Jim Morrison of the Doors was buried. I heard they moved his body back to the states but am guessing his grave is still here. I think we are getting better at this map thing because we were able to find the cemetery without too much of a problem. As we were walking around the cemetery to the general area where Morrison is buried, we ran into a couple of guys who ask us if we are trying to find Jim Morrison’s grave. We say we are ….. We talk to them for a few minutes and find out they are both from California. We all go our separate ways and say we will shout at the others when we find his grave. The guys from California ask someone where it is and we head to the grave where I took a couple of photos. We get to talking to the guys again and find out that Juan is from Santa Barbara and Koshy is from San Jose. We decide to head out of the cemetery towards one of the discount stores. Before we left Juan and Koshy, we all head to a cafe and sit around and talk some more. We have someone take a photo of all of us. Then they have to leave to take a train to Barcelona, Spain and we head back to the hotel.