Criticism is Not Always a Good Thing

I feel like I am getting criticised at every turn. I put on my Pociengel family reunion t-shirt since it is one of my favorite shirts. Uncle John asked if I was going to wear it. Why else would I have it on if I wasn’t going to be wearing i? I said yes and he said that the people in Zdunska Wola are very conservative and wouldn’t wear something with so much writing on it. I explained to him that none of my t-shirts are conservative. I could wear my sweater but it would be awfully hot. So, he got out one of his white plain t-shirts for me to wear. He said teenagers may wear something with lots of writing on it but someone my age shouldn’t. I’m only 32. I don’t even look my age. I should wear whatever I want to a certain degree. I am really trying to be nice about all of this since he is my dad’s brother.

We walked around town for awhile and Uncle John ended up buying me some t-shirts. Now, I don’t understand his reasoning since the t-shirts he bought me had some writing on them. I am not going to argue this point to him. We did some more walking around town and I used the internet to email mom.