Criticism Part Deux

I am really having a hard time here. I really want to head to Krakow now because Uncle John keeps going on about my weight. It’s something that shouldn’t be brought up. I know I need to lose weight but it is something I need to decide and do on my own. Someone can’t tell me about it and expect me to do it. I have to do it on my own schedule and my own time.

We were having dinner when he asked me if I had always been this heavy. He said Bill (my dad) wasn’t that heavy. He even said my mom is skinny and I said she wasn’t always skinny trying to deflect the topic away from me. I ended up getting up and walking away from him because I knew I was about to cry and I wasn’t about to cry in front of him. I ended up crying because he got me so upset about this. I only have one more day to get through before I leave here.

I decided I will just go on weight watchers when I get home so I don’t have to hear anymore about my weight. I have decided if anyone in my family brings up my weight again and that I might have gained some weight since the last time I lost the weight then I will never see them again. You never bring up someone’s weight to them. That is a touchy subject for anyone. It’s hurtful and painful for anyone to have to hear especially hearing it coming from a family member. Do people like to hurt the ones they love and see that person cry because it is so painful to hear?