Double Decker Busses and Hostel Showers

Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London

Still having a blast in London. I hung out with Fred for awhile. We had breakfast at St. Christopher’s Village and then we walked around for awhile before we headed to London Bridge. We walked around some more before we ended up at the Tower of London. I was completely lost, but luckily everything is mapped out well enough on the streets. We walked around the outside of the tower and then headed back towards the street again to try and figure out what to do next. At this time, we saw a sightseeing bus and decided to get on it since it was one of those hop-on, hop-off busses and it took you to where the main attractions were located. It was one of those double decker busses — the kind you always see when London is advertised and yes, those red telephone booths are real. Saw one of those while I was in London. I saw so much on this tour.

I finally decided to get off the bus at the Tower of London again so I could really see it from the inside after losing Fred at Hyde Park. Not that I lost him but we went in separate directions at this point. Back to the Tower of London, I got to see the Crown Jewels and so much more. The Crown Jewels consisted of one of the largest diamonds around.

<Insert Here before I forget> I hate the hostel showers. Well, in London anyway, since this is the first city I have been to in my travels. Back to the point I was trying to make. You turn the water on and it doesn’t get that hot and it only stays on for about a minute at a time. I really wanted a hot shower after being in such a cold room.

Headed back to the hostel about 7:00 pm and decided to go on the net for about an hour. To use the net, it costs one pound for every 15 minutes. I hope everyone appreciates the email since I am trying to keep in touch with everyone since I am travelling on my own. Hoping I won’t get too homesick being this far from home. Finally got in touch with Maryam. I will be meeting her tomorrow at 5:00 pm at Bayswater underground. I hope I am able to find her when I get there.