Fear of Heights and the Eiffel Tower

What is the one thing you’re afraid of in the world and want to try to conquer? For me, it is my fear of heights. How do you conquer a fear like that? The only way that I was able to face my fear was to face it head-on but it doesn’t mean I conquered it. It only means I was able to face my fear and know that even if I am still afraid of heights that I won’t let it define me or stop me from climbing the highest mountain. Or in my case the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That doesn’t mean this was the only place I visited that wasn’t on my eye level where I needed to climb or in this case take the lift to the top of the tower to see all of Paris.


If you have ever been to the Eiffel Tower then you know there is more than one level to it. Don’t ask me why but I decided to go all the way up to the top where it is narrower than the other levels. When I say narrow, I am surprised you can get around other people to see out the side of the tower since it feels really closed in compared to the other levels. Well, it isn’t as narrow as I am making it out to be since you really can get by other people but it just feels so closed off from the other floors. The other floors are massive compared to the top level; you can’t go to the Eiffel Tower without attempting to go to the top because if anything else you can say you made it to the very top of the tower and came home to tell your friends all about it.



I didn’t let my fear of heights stop me from taking the lift to the 2nd floor and viewing all of Paris before I ascended to the top floor where, as I mentioned, doesn’t have as much room to move around as the other levels. Sometimes it is worth it to work through your fears if you are given such an amazing pay-off of seeing something you have always wanted to see and not from the entrance to it but walking through that entrance; making your way to the top of one of the landmarks known throughout all of Paris. Seeing the city below you as well as taking in the beauty of the surrounding area is worth conquering ones fear.




If I was walking throughout Paris and keeping my feet safely planted on the ground then I wouldn’t have seen a different side to Paris that you can only see from the Eiffel Tower.



I am not saying I conquered my fear of heights because it will always be with me but I am not going to let it define me or hold me back from doing something. I will continue to climb to the top of the tallest buildings and look down taking in the beauty that these cities possess. It would be a shame if I let my fear keep me from experiencing all that the world has to offer.

Do you have any fears that you have conquered while traveling? Do you let them define who you are as a traveler? Do you embrace your fears and not let them stop you from enjoying your travels whether short-term or long-term?


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