Follow Up Interview: Brendan From Brendan’s Adventures

1) 2013 Year in Review for Brendan’s Adventures, It’s My Life 365 and Vagabundo Magazine: What You May Have Liked and Didn’t Like

This year really was crazy. From a personal standpoint it was easily the most fulfilling of my life. I drove a scooter the down the western side of Africa through some incredible places. I overcame way more than I knew I was capable of, and was rewarded by becoming a much stronger person than I was when I left home. I also met a great girl in Tiffany of and found a partner in crime for my adventures. From a work standpoint, it was a bit of a tough year. Pulling off a great journey like this meant that I had to put work aside a little bit. I let Vagabundo Magazine slip a bit and had to put publishing issues on hold for the year. I also basically just back-loaded my system with video footage for It’s my Life 365. But really, in the end it made me realize what I need to be doing to make this all work. My travel blog, Brendan’s Adventures, has also been my baby, and for my other endeavous to be successful I need to put that on the backburner a bit more often to let the other projects grow.

Part B of 2013 Review: If You Could Have a Do-Over for the Year then What Would it Be and Why?

I know it sounds cliche, but I really wouldn’t change anything. I made a lot of mistakes this year, but all of them taught me important lessons. The most valuable thing I’ve learned in my life is that you’ll make mistakes, but they’re only mistakes if you let them get you down. If you learn from them and continue to push yourself to grow, then only good things can come from your mistakes.

2) What to Expect from Brendan’s Adventures, It’s My Life 365 and Vagabundo Magazine in 2014

Big things as always. I am huge with goal setting so I really want to continue to push the limits of these projects. Vagabundo Magazine is back up and running and we’re hoping to be able to publish our first new issue in a couple weeks. I’ve changed the theme of the magazine a bit to make it a little bit more adventure oriented, and I’m hoping to really carve out a niche in that regard. Our blog is already miles better, and traffic to the website is way up in only just a couple months since making the changes. I’m very happy with the potential we’re all showing there.

With It’s my Life 365, I really want to grow the viewership. Somehow, I’ve gained a lot of subscribers, but I still haven’t had that video that gets thousands of views that I’ve been hoping for. I had about 120,000 views this past year. In the next year, I’m hoping to push that number to 200,000. Brendan’s Adventures will always roll. I’m not concerned about that site. I have an awesome readership who seems to tune into whatever nonsense I’m up to. Whether it’s extreme adventure like driving a scooter down Africa, or something simple like taking pictures in Vienna, they’re always there supporting me. They really are awesome. I’m hoping to continue my brand partnerships with the site this year. I’ve had some great partners such as Photoshop Elements, Trover, Canon Canada, and Gecko’s Adventures in the past. I hope to keep working with these types of companies in the future.

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