Follow Up Interview: Cailin from Travel Yourself

1) 2013 Year in Review for Travel Yourself: What You May Have Liked and Didn’t Like

2013 was a really great year of travel for my. I visited the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Maui, Italy, Croatia, Israel, 5 countries in Southern Africa and a few other places. To be quite honest I loved all of it except for maybe when my suitcase broke in Dubrovnik or when I got stuck at the Zimbabwe and Zambian border, but everything worked out in the end and now I just have good stories to tell.

To see my year in review check out this video:

Part B of 2013 Review: If You Could Have a Do-Over for the Year then What Would it Be and Why?

I would like to think I wouldn’t do over anything because I feel like everything happens for a reason good or bad and they happen so you can learn from them and be a better person. But saying that I kind of wish I hadn’t rushed when first walking into Petra in Jordan and then perhaps I wouldn’t of fallen and hurt my knee causing me to hobble around the whole time. It is definitely easier to visit Petra when it doesn’t hurt to walk.

2)What to Expect from Travel Yourself in 2014

At the moment I’m not sure. I am home in Canada for a couple months to catch up on some work and hopefully save up some money. I think I’ll be doing a few trips to the US this year and I would really love to finally get down to South America aside from that anything can happen!

Part B of 2014 Plans: Any Plans to Go Off the Beaten Path to Areas Less Traveled and Why Did You Decide on Those?

No idea, see above.

3)What Places Made the Cut for This Year?

See above again. haha

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