Follow Up Interview: Janice From Solotraveler

1) 2013 Year in Review for Solotraveler and The Traveler’s Handbooks : What You May Have Liked and Didn’t Like

What I liked? So much fabulous travel. What I didn’t like? So much fabulous travel. I continue to struggle with traveling as much as I want with my desire to be at home nurturing the relationships with those I love.

But, to be more specific, I really liked Chautauqua, New York. Only three hours from home, I spent a week at this small town / college campus taking in lectures, theater and music. It was an absolute joy. I also enjoyed my road trip through the American Southwest where landscape informed and expanded my understanding of the history of the west. Of course, there was also China, Italy, London and Paris.

Three new Traveler’s Handbooks were added to the collection which makes eight in total covering career break, cruise, adventure, family, food, luxury, solo and volunteer travel. And there are more plans for 2014.

Part B of 2013 Review: If You Could Have a Do-Over for the Year then What Would it Be and Why?

I went to Dublin for a three day conference in February. Ach! If I could have stayed longer. I really wish I could have stretched that trip for 10 more days and explored Ireland.

2) What to Expect from Solotraveler and The Traveler’s Handbooks in 2014

We have just launched two new features for Solo Traveler: a book club and, and accommodation guide.

Each month a reader will suggest and review a book for The Solo Traveler Book Club . Other readers can contribute their thoughts and discuss perspectives through the comments.

The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide will be a crowd-sourced guide to great places for solo travelers to stay around the world. Readers and other bloggers who travel solo will contribute to the guide.

As for The Traveler’s Handbooks, that’s still a secret. Watch for announcements in March.

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