Heading to Kyleakin

I headed into Fort William for part of the morning since I heard Kyleakin doesn’t have a bank. I think that should have tipped me off about Kyleakin and it’s population. The Haggis bus arrived at 3:30 pm and Amanda ( from Queensland, Australia who was also taking the flexi-tour and had stayed at Farr Cottage too) and I got on the bus. It took a few hours before arriving on the Isle of Skye. Breathtaking view from the bridge. We arrived at Saucy Mary’s around 5:30 pm. After putting my backpack in my room, I headed downstairs to the bar to get some dinner and maybe a drink or two. I ended up ordering a budweiser and a pint of Guiness. Ola had wanted me to drink a pint for her since she isn’t here. Guiness is definitely not the drink for me. Too thick. I don’t know how anyone can drink it but to each their own. I sat in the pub and talked to Amanda for awhile before heading upstairs for the night.