Here I Go Again …… Back to Venice

Murua headed to Salzburg today and I am heading back to Venice for a couple of nights. I didn’t want to go back to Venice since I had already been here but here I go again. Arrived at Camping Fusina at 4:00 and got a dorm room thinking it was going to be better then staying in a caravan which is what I stayed in the last time I was here. Not sure which was worse – the caravan or the dorm room. LOL.

The dorm room looked like a barn or at least the outside of it did. I slept on the top bunk and noticed some of the wall had cobwebs on it. Sue and I met up with Anat (someone from Australis that I met in Ceske). She wanted to head into Venice and see the city at night. Decided to head into Venice.  Ended up taking the bus instead of the ferry since it was cheaper then if we were to take the ferry. Arrived at the bus stop in Venice and then had to walk to San Marco which was pretty far away from the bus stop. Good thing there were signs everywhere and we were able to find our way there. While we were at San Marco’s Square, they had some sailors there who were getting ready to take the flags down and a color guard who marched around part of the square. It turns out they do this every Sunday. We stayed around here for a little while and then decided to head to the port to catch the next ferry since it would be leaving later then the bus. It took us awhile to find the port. I think I did pretty good remembering parts of the area since I was here last month. Took the ferry that left at 10:10 and arrived back at the camp at 10:40.