How Do You Choose a Backpack?

How do you choose a backpack? Do you choose one with an internal frame or one with an external frame? Do you look at how many liters it will hold? Do you get one with or without a  daypack attached? If you do get one with a daypack attached then do you look for something that will hold your laptop if you choose to take it with you? Do you look for one that is a top loader or front loader or one that is both? Do you get one that comes equipped with a hydration pack or has the option to add a hydration pack at a later time?

It was a hard decision for me on which backpack I wanted to buy for my upcoming trip to Europe in June. I kept going back and forth between the Deuter Quantum 55 + 10 SL and the Deuter Traveller 55 + 10 SL. I know I should have picked a pack that didn’t amount to 65 liters total if I wanted to expand on the pack. I loved both packs so it was difficult to make the decision between them. What I loved in one pack the other pack didn’t have and vice versa. I ended up writing down what I needed in a backpack for future trips i.e. RTW trip in the next year or two. You are probably wondering why I would get the pack now for a long-term trip I plan to take in a year or two. Simple….. This is a great investment for any short-term and long-term trips and I need a pack I will be comfortable taking with me to Dublin, Paris and Rome in four months.

I chose the Deuter Quantum 55 + 10 SL. I haven’t used it yet but love all the features that come with it. I love that it has rings on the top of the pack to attach a sleeping bag. Or I can put the sleeping bag in the separate bottom compartment. Or I can use that compartment for my dirty laundry since it keeps it separate from the rest of my stuff. It has compression straps so I can attach tent and poles to or can be used to make the pack smaller. I love that it has front access and will work along the lines of a suitcase in that aspect. Or I can access anything from the top of the pack. It also comes with a transport cover which will make it easier for me when checking it through the airlines. Don’t have to worry about the straps getting caught in the conveyer belts when I am ready to pick it up at baggage claim.  One last thing I love about it is that it is part of the SL series which means it is slightly shorter then your usual backpacks. It works for me since I am not 6 feet tall.

Even though I haven’t used the backpack since I haven’t needed to yet. I tried it on and it fits perfectly…. And I have used the daypack quite a few times already. I love that I can expand the pack and it has so much room in it that I can carry my groceries home from the store.

You have heard why I chose the Deuter Quantum 55 + 10 SL.  I would love to hear how you choose a backpack for your trips. Any particulars you look for in your choice of pack? Can’t wait to hear what you chose for your RTW trips, short-term and long-term trips.