Interview: Deborah From Jacobs Inn Hostel | Dublin

1) Jacobs Inn has been voted one of the top 10 hostels by Hostelworld guests; is there a criteria that people vote on for your hostel, among others, to be among one of the best hostels out there?

Yes the Criteria can be seen here Hostelworld – Isaacs Hostel Dublin Reviews and include value for money, security, location, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness and facilities

2) What makes Jacobs Inn the only purpose built hostel in Dublin?

All other hostels are adapted/ converted from existing buildings where as Jacobs Inn was designed and built from new as Hostel in 1995

3) How did you decide on location for Jacobs Inn as well as its sister hostel, Isaacs, when plans for opening these hostels in Ireland came to fruition?

There was an Urban Renewal development scheme which encouraged development in the area /plus the location was so good for proximity to Transport links and Central Dublin location

4) What is a typical day like for you?

Busy , diverse and fun ! Never a dull moment with great environment and fantastic people.

5) More hostels seem to be adding blogs to their hostel websites; what made you decide to add a Blog?

Our staff have really great in-depth Insider knowledge of the City, and we thought it was a great way of sharing this with our guests . We have some talented writers on our reception team and all blogs are written by staff here from personal experience of attractions , tours , pubs restaurants etc. in Dublin . The blogs keep our websites current and alive with fresh information weekly !

6) Was adding a blog to each site (Jacobs Inn and Isaacs Hostel) a way to set you apart from the other hostels and communicate with travelers who have stayed with you along with new guests who would be staying with you in the future?

YES – as above in 5) We also include a link to our blogs on our weekly newsletter which is sent to all arriving guests by email so they can see what is on in the City and what we recommend. This helps them to plan their stay.

7) What sets Jacobs Inn and Isaacs Hostel apart from the other places someone could stay when visiting your city?

Really Friendly and knowledgeable staff we think , combined with great location and good facilities. Isaacs Hostel has an amazing ambience owing to the character of the building which is a 19th century converted wine store plus we have a Sauna !

Jacobs Inn unusually for a hostel has ALL ensuite rooms !

8 ) What advice would you give someone who would like to run their own hostel or work at one?

Have a passion for working with young, sociable , energetic people and an interest in all things travel .Try and experience everything from a customer point of view .Be prepared to work unsociable hours —-plus deal with the unexpected !

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