Interview: Jeremy of The World or Bust and Top Spot Travel

In the first of many travel series interviews, I am excited to introduce Jeremy of The World or Bust and Top Spot Travel

Find out which countries are on his ‘must see’ list and what advice he can offer someone who wants to travel long-term.

1) How did you come up with the title for your blog?

I don’t really know how I came up with it haha. I think I was just searching possible URLs that were available, and I didn’t want to make something too cookie cutter like, “Jeremy Travels” or something and The World or Bust just popped into my noggen.

2) Which countries do you want to visit that you haven’t visited yet?

Believe it or not, I was able to knock of a couple of the heavy hitters on my travel bucket list this year including Turkey to see Istanbul and The Philippines (where I just left to head to Thailand). There is one random ass place that I don’t know why I want to go to but, for some reason, Azerbaijan.

3) Why are these countries on your ‘must see’ list?

Eurasia interests me and I’m always reading about its countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, etc. and I think a trip to that part of the world would make for an epic trip, especially because not so many travel bloggers hit them up.

4) Do you follow a certain path from one destination to the next?

In the past, I used to try and map out strict itineraries, but now that I’ve been traveling on longer sojourns, I revel in “slow travel” and prefer to just show up somewhere and take peoples recommendations. It’s much more freeing.

5) For example, would you go from France to Italy because of the close proximity between countries or do you jump around between countries no matter the distance between them?

Proximity is definitely important. Why pay for expensive flights when there is more than likely cool things to see within an hour or two via ground transportation? If you have two weeks vacation a year to make the most out of a trip, then I get it, but if not, take it slowwww.

6) How important do you feel it is to know certain words in another language such as ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ when traveling?

I really try and just learn at minimum, a few basic words, and also one phrase that will put a smile on a local’s face as they think, “how the hell do you know that?” In asia, it’s been a bit harder to remember new languages.

7) Do you feel it is important to know these words in more than one language depending on how many countries you plan to visit?

I’m really not too worried about it. If you smile and are polite in any language, people are usually pretty receptive.

8 ) Any advice you can give to someone who would like to travel long term but they are letting their fear stop them from taking that last step from cubicle life to world traveler?

Find a way to make some location independent income (i.e. blogging, working abroad in some capacity) and you’ll see it’s really not so daunting. I have a condo and a business in Miami but booked a two month Asian trip with just a few weeks notice. I rented out my condo furnished for the time I’m gone, notified my clients I’ll be working “remote”, and that was that. It’s really not that hard. (I’m also a single 25 year old guy, I get that too).