Interview: Ryan of Pause the Moment

In interviewing Ryan of Pause the Moment, he talks about how he has stayed in hostels, camping as well as hotels when traveling.

1) Since starting your travels in 2008, how do you decide which countries you will visit each year?

I never decide on which countries I’ll visit each year. Most of my travels are pretty spontaneous unless it’s a press trip of some sort.

2) Do you try and stick to one area of the globe or jump around between countries if their is something specific you want to see?

Yeah, I’d say that if I’m planning on doing a trip of a month or more I most likely will try to explore a region. For trips that are less than a month, I usually stick to exploring the country I’m visiting.

3) You have visited 17% of the countries in the world via your travel map. Do you hope to visit every country before you are done traveling?

No, I’m really not interested in visiting every country in the world. I believe those who do, just want to be able to say that they have. You can’t tell me that you actually had interest in visiting every country on the planet. C’mon now! All of the countries that I’ve visited so far have been countries I’ve had actual interest in.

4) When traveling, do you tend to stay in hostels, camping, or hotels?

I do it all. From budget to luxury! A perfect example is my luxury trip to South Africa back in February. I was sleeping in 5 star hotels, eating like a king and living the life of royalty. Afterwards I got back home, I flew out to Seattle, WA, hopped on my bicycle and rode it 1,700 miles to the border of Mexico via the Pacific Coast. I slept in a tent most of the trip and the rest was spent crashing on peoples couches along the way. If that’s not proof that I cover it all, then I don’t know what is!

5) In choosing any of the above options, do you choose the one that will keep you within budget during your trips?

For sure. We all want to save money when we’re on the road. Especially if your’e planning on a long term trip. My choices of accommodation are always on my mind when I travel.

6) How important do you feel it is to know certain words in another language such as ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ when traveling?

I think it’s definitely helpful to know the basics (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, where is, how far, etc). As for absolutely needing it? No. I don’t speak any foreign languages and I’ve never been caught in a bind through out my travels. Whenever I had some language barrier issues, I always seemed to figure out what I needed to do, or where I needed to go.

7) Do you feel it is important to know these words in more than one language depending on how many countries you plan to visit?

I feel that you should simply do your research on the basics either before you get to the country of your choice, or once you get there. Again, it’s not something I would really worry about. Then again, maybe that’s just me?

8 ) Any advice you can give to someone who would like to travel long term but they are letting their fear stop them from taking that last step from cubicle life to world traveler?

Take the leap! There’s one thing in life that you’ll NEVER regret and that’s traveling. Think about it. Could you ever see yourself turning around after traveling around the world and saying to yourself… “Man, I really regret traveling the world. I totally could have been doing something better with my life.” Of course not! Disconnect from your 9-5, explore the world and thank me later!