Interview: Shannon, Short-Term Traveler

I interviewed a friend of mine, Shannon, to find out when she first started traveling and to know more about short-term traveling.

1) When did you first start traveling to places outside of the country?

As a gift for my high school graduation, my Aunt Jean took me to Jamaica.

2) What made you choose this destination?

The depth of love I had for Bob Marley’s music and the special boy in high school who poured fire on that passion, aided in my choice of location. RIP Tom Duck.

3) How do you choose your next destination?

Usually chosen for me by the next Pearl Jam tour, unless it’s non-tour-related travel, then I tend to choose locations with castles and hot rugby players!

4) How far ahead do you plan your trips?

Referring to the previous question, it depends on when tour dates are announced or I weigh the less stressful time to be away from work.

5) Are they planned years in advance or are they spur of the moment trips?

See above:)

6) How many weeks do you take off to take these trips?

The most time off at one time has been about two weeks.

7) Do you ever see yourself taking more than a couple of weeks off to really experience all that the city or country has to offer?

Sadly, no. Unless I win the lottery or when I retire with millions from book sales!:)

8 ) Do you feel you are missing something if you only have two or three weeks to visit your chosen destination?

Only if I don’t plan correctly and miss visiting sites of interest to me. The plan would be to cross things off and go back as often as possible.

9) Do you love traveling solo or with a group of people?

If it’s a Pearl Jam tour, I like having my bestie and posse with me. If it’s non-PJ-related travel, then I love going solo or going somewhere with my man.

10) Why do you love traveling solo or with a group?

For Pearl Jam tours, part of the main reason to go, outside of rocking out to my band live, is to see the “family” of fellow diehards and make new friends, that may eventually become chosen family. For solo travel, it’s rejuvenation time or a writing retreat. With my man? That speaks for itself:)

11) Do you like the aspects of short-term traveling vs. how it would feel to be on the road for months at a time?

Yes. I would miss home too much.

12) Would you ever consider leaving short-term traveling behind and travel the world for months or even years?

If I was independently wealthy and didn’t have the day job, I would travel to places for writing research for a month or two, in each place to get primary source material handled, then come home and write more.

The next few questions are in reference to Pearl Jam and the furthest Shannon traveled to see this group in concert.

13) What was the first Pearl Jam concert you ever attended?

First show was at the Warfield in SF, May 1992.

14) How many concerts of Pearl Jam’s have you seen?

My memory is faulty, but at last count, I believe I’m in the 90s.

15) What was the furthest destination you traveled to so you could see Pearl Jam in concert?

Belfast and Dublin, Ireland in 2010.