Interview: Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage

In interviewing Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage, they discussed some of the things they have learned on the road while traveling.

1) Since you began your travels in 2008, what are some of the things you have learned on the road?

We’ve learned that experiences are more important than things, and that the less possessions we have the easier life is and the freer we feel.

2) Did you learn anything new that you may not have learned if you were still home in the U.K. i.e. bungee jumping etc?

We’ve learned to speak Spanish; taken cooking classes in Bolivia, Japan, Thailand, Italy and Jordan; improved our horse riding; learned to scuba dive, and Simon has learned to ride a motorbike. We’ve had so many new experiences and been exposed to so many cultures that it’s hard to list everything we’ve learned.

3) What was it about this experience of traveling that will stay with you forever? Is it the people you have met on the road, the places you have seen, the food you have tasted or the adventures you have experienced?

Or is it all of the above?

It’s definitely all of the above. Every day creates new memories whether we are white water rafting, meeting locals or trying street food.

4) How have you come up with these ideas to help fund your travels i.e. the web design and development business or the trail wallet?

Do you try and think of new, fun things that you will love working on while traveling and some that could help travelers too?

We have only just moved into creating our own products. Previously Simon was doing web design and development for clients but now we have almost finished our first iPhone app. Trail Wallet was based on a need we had—to keep track of our spending while travelling—and that we knew other travellers wanted to.

5) How important do you feel it is to know certain words in another language such as ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ when traveling?

Do you feel it is important to know these words in more than one language depending on how many countries you plan to visit?

I think it’s really important to learn the basics—even just hello and thank you can make a difference and show that you are trying. We travelled in South America for a year and really loved the opportunity to get to know the language well as Spanish is spoken in most countries there. In places like Asia though it’s more difficult to learn the language if you are moving around to different countries. You can always pick up a few words when you get there though.

6) Any advice you can give to someone who would like to travel long term but they are letting their fear stop them from taking that last step from cubicle life to world traveler?

We have met hundreds of long term travellers and have never met anyone who has regretted their decision to travel. On the other hand we’ve met many people jealous of our lifestyle who wish they could travel too. Ask yourself who you’d rather be? Cut down your spending, start saving and set a date to leave. Then just go!