I headed into Inverness like I said I would and will be staying here for a couple of nights. I am trying to remember what I did today. That’s what I get for not writing in my journal everyday. We did stop by Loch Ness and I asked Amanda to take a photo of me. Oh, almost forgot, before we left Fort Augustus, we went into the highlands museum where we learned more about what life was like in the highlands so long ago. The man giving the talk had a ponytail and was wearing a kilt. He had Jeremy and Dee come up front and he fitted them with kilts and we all took photos of them wearing the kilts. After we left the museum, we headed to Loch Ness and then onto Inverness.

I am staying at Inverness Youth Hostel which is supposed to be one of the best in Scotland. It had laundry facilities and a tv room. I am surprised I haven’t been watching much tv on this trip. Though I have been using the net as much as I can get away with and I have been doing a lot of reading. I bought ‘The Witching Hour’ by Anne Rice and have been reading it when I’ve had time. I did walk down to the city centre with Amanda and we had lunch at some pub. While there, I had to use the restroom and they had a condom machine inside the bathroom. Nothing unusual about that but the condoms were supposed to have the taste of Scotch Whiskey. Upon leaving the pub, we found the library since they have free internet access. I signed up for half an hour tomorrow. After leaving the library, we walked around for a bit before I headed back to the hostel.