Krakow and Looking Around for a Place to Sleep

I got up around 2:30 am to get ready to leave for the train station at 3:30. The train leaves at 3:48 should get me into Krakow at 8:00 am. I slept off and on while I was on the train until finally arriving in Krakow. I walked down to Dom Turysty PTTK to see if they had any dorm beds available. They were already booked for the dorm beds though they still had singles for 320 zloty’s per night. I didn’t want to pay that much since I am on a budget and I didn’t want to try and locate some of the other hostels that were out of the city center. So, I headed to one of the hotels near the train station to see how much a single room would cost. I stopped at the Hotel Europejski and found out a single room without bath would cost 179 zloty. I took the room since I was getting tired of carrying my backpack. It seems to be getting heavier and heavier. I planned to stay in Krakow for three days and then head to Prague on Friday. Not anymore. I will be off budget if I end up staying in a hotel for more then a day. Plus, the train ticket to Prague cost me more then I had budgeted for it. It ended up costing about 160 zloty’s.

After leaving the hotel, I walked around and saw the sights since I had only one full day to see what I wanted to see. I walked down to Wawel Castle and Cathedral and the dragon’s den. I took a private tour through the apartments somehow thinking the tour would be in english. That is what I get for thinking. LOL. I am pretty sure the tour was in polish. That was interesting pretending I understood what was being said. Then I walked down to Rynek Glowny which must be one of the biggest squares in Poland. Headed back to the room about 5 – 5:30 since I didn’t get much sleep the night before. With travelling, you really do need a vacation from your vacation. I will need to go home to unwind and relax.

I watched some tv which is something I really miss about home because of how the shows are shown here. If it is an american show, they will have the dialogue in english followed by a narration in polish. It is frustrating to hear it in two different languages trying to separate the two when watching the show. Fell asleep about 10:30.