Last Day in Sorrento

Sorrento Italy
Sorrento Italy

I didn’t do too much today since Renata and I are heading to Greece tomorrow. We had heard it was better not to travel to Brindisi, Italy where you have to catch the ferry by yourself because it isn’t a safe area. Well, that is what we had heard but seeing the place was a different story. That is why we decided to head to Greece at the same time. Safety in numbers ……

Ye was heading back to Rome today so Renata and I decided to head into Sorrento to get train information for tomorrow. I also needed to exchange some money. Headed back to the camp since Ye needed to catch the bus since we had missed it the last time it was here. Julie (met her in Venice) showed up on this bus from Rome. After Ye left, Renata and I headed back into Sorrento since I needed to use the internet. I emailed Joe and explained to him that I wouldn’t be taking the front office manager’s position at Housekeeping Camp when I went back to Yosemite after this trip. I realized I wanted to stay in the union and not get stuck working some nights since I hope to babysit over the summer. You have to do what’s going to make you happy! I don’t think I would be too happy working at Housekeeping Camp. At least not in management.

Walked around for awhile window shopping when I found a coral rose broach that I bought mom. It was made in Italy and I knew she would like it. She is going to have so many things from all over Europe by the time I get home.

Headed back to camp around 4:00 pm. Decided not to go to the restaurant to eat since they have a kitchen at the camp that we can use. Ended up fixing mushroom soup with milk (instead of water) and some noodles to mix in with it. While we were eating, Julie stopped by and we talked for awhile before Danni, Tina, Markus, Trevor and Kent showed up at the picnic table and we talked to them too. Ended up heading to bed about 10:30 pm since I needed to get up by 4:30 am to catch the train heading towards Greece.