Long Day Waiting for Train Departing for Prague


I checked out of the hotel as close to noon as possible since the train for Prague doesn’t leave until 10:41 pm tonight. It’s going to be a long day walking around with my backpack. I can’t wait to get on busabout since the pack goes right on the bus and we get dropped off right at the hostel with no worries of having to find our own transportation. Or even have to worry about locating a place to sleep for the night.

Thinking of staying in Prague for one night and then try and take busabout to Ceske Krumlov on Friday. I am booked on the bus for the 15th but may go on standby since Ceske Krumlov would be a much smaller place and I could take it easy for awhile. I am thinking it may not be too much of  a problem going standby since most of the people getting off in Prague will probably stick around for awhile. Otherwise, I will try and locate the internet on Thursday and change the sector booking myself.

I didn’t do much today since like I said I was carrying my backpack with me and it was starting to weigh me down after awhile. I did find the Florian Gate and the Barbican. Then I walked down to Rynek Glowny to see if I could use the internet at this one place I had found. The internet was really slow. I was able to get into my hotmail account but I couldn’t access any of my mail. I miss my laptop which is so much faster. I am going to have to locate an internet cafe tomorrow and hope I don’t have any problems changing the date for the sector I want.

Headed to the train station to wait until the train left for Prague. It’s going to be a very, very long day. The train finally arrived and we departed for Prague at 10:41. Should arrive around 7:33 am Hoping I can get some sleep on the train since it had been a really long day.