Maui – Day # 1 Challenge (Walk)

Flowers Blooming in Kihei
Flowers Blooming in Kihei

Another carefree and relaxing day. I wish all of my vacations were like this. Stress-free. Walked along the path to the beach and through the park. Took a bunch of photos while I was out. Didn’t walk as far as I would have liked but that’s o.k. since I went for another walk later in the day. Much further and even browsed through some of the shops for souvenir/gift ideas. Thinking of getting lei’s for mom, Kathy and Kristen since they don’t need any knick knacks lying around the house. Keychains for everyone at work. Besides my walks, I made chocolate chip cookies. Still have another batch I would like to make. After dinner, I started making the last batch of cookies.

Went for a walk in the morning – 2.93 miles

Went for a walk in the afternoon – 4.28 miles

Total # of miles walked = 7.21 miles