Maui – Day # 2 Challenge (Walk)

Flowers Blooming in Kihei
Flowers Blooming in Kihei

Today has been such a relaxing day. Left the house about 7:30 and went for my walk/run. Walked a little over four miles. Couldn’t believe how many people were out walking this early in the morning. I thought I would be one of the few people up and walking at what I feel was at the butt crack of dawn. Walked by an activity desk and asked about the whale watching and the road to Hana tours. Thinking about doing them sometime this week. Finished my walk, headed back to the house and got ready to head to the beach. Fixed me a sandwich and drink to take with me. Got to the beach and laid out in the sun before eating my lunch. After lunch, I grabbed my stuff while carrying my shoes so I could put my feet in the water before heading back to the house. Did another short walk in the afternoon checking out ideas for gifts to take back home. Talked to Kressa tonight and she might take the day off on Thursday and go with me to Hana. I hope she can go cause it would be alot more fun hanging out with her along the road to Hana then taking a tour.

Went for a walk in the morning – 4.32 miles

Walked to the beach – 1.18 miles

Walked back from the beach – 1.40 miles

Went for a walk in the afternoon – 2.79 miles

Total # of miles walked = 9.69 miles