Maui – Day # 3 Challenge (Walk)

Sun Setting in Kihei
Sun Setting in Kihei

Another beautiful day. Got up and went for my walk at 7:30 and along the way found a couple of places that I might get my souvenirs to take home. Also thinking of renting a couple of movies from redbox. Nothing planned for today except to get some more walks in, watch some movies and oh yeah go down to the beach. This is the life. Already put my feet in the water this morning when I was out for my walk. As I was walking, I decided to go right down to the beach and walk along the water. So I did. Took my shoes off and walked along the outer edge letting the water cascade over my feet. Loving it here. Rented a couple of movies. Watched ‘Tower Heist’ and then headed back down for some more souvenir shopping and get some dinner to take back. I didn’t know what I wanted for dinner but finally settled on Maui Tacos and got a chicken burrito. Went back to Kressa’s and had dinner before heading back down to the beach to see the sunset. Took some amazing photos as it slowly set and faded away to the edge of the water. Before heading back to Kressa’s, I walked along the water and let the water cascade over my feet. Now I am settling in to watch the other movie I rented.

Went for a walk in the morning – 4.42 miles

Went for a walk in the afternoon – 3.42 miles

Went for a walk in the evening – 3.13 miles

Went for a walk to see the sunset – 2.45 miles

Total # of miles walked = 13.42 miles