Maui – Day # 5 Challenge (Walk) …… Last Day of Challenge

Sun Setting in Cove Park (Kihei)
Sun Setting in Cove Park (Kihei)

I woke up at 6:00 am and decided to head down to the beach to take some photos of the sunrise. Didn’t happen since the sun rose on the mountain side. Should have known this since I took photos of the sunset on the beach side the other night. LOL. Oh welk, too beautiful of a day to sleep in. Plan to pack today, do laundry so I have all clean clothes in my backpack, do alot more walking since I want to beat the # of miles I walk from the previous day. Oh and get one last swim in at the beach since I am going to Hana tomorrow for the day. Yay, I finally made it back down to the beach for one last dunk in the water.

Walked down to Cove Park which is where I had taken the sunset photos and done some video taping. I think it’s my favorite beach in Kihei. Even though it is the closest beach to everything ‘touristy’ it doesn’t have too many people there. You almost feel like you are the only one there. So I went in the water for a bit and found myself talking to a woman from Colorado who was there with her niece. Anyway, after being in the water for a little while, I got out and laid in the sun. This time, I lathered myself with sun tan lotion. Not that it will do any good since I already got a sunburn. Guess it can’t hurt so I don’t get any redder then I am. After laying out in the sun, I got back in the water before heading back. Wish we had this kind of water in California but noooooo we have to have freezing cold water at the beaches. OT but maybe not really since it has to do with being here.

Now when I got here last Saturday, I never expected to put a challenge to myself but that is what I ended up doing. I started out on my first day of walking and made it about 7 miles. Well, today I far exceeded what I even planned on doing in the first place and walked a total of 16.03 miles. It took me pushing myself to go a little further each day and look where it got me. Over 16 miles! I just hope all this walking will pay off when I weigh myself on Sunday. I have been weighing myself here but not sure how accurate Kressa’s scale is so nervous if I gained alot or managed to somehow maintain or be close to where I was when I left home.

Went for a walk in the morning to see the sun rise (didn’t happen) – 3.90 miles

Went for a walk in the morning – 4.40 miles

Went for a walk in the afternoon – 4.06 miles

Walked to the beach to go swimming and then walked back to Kressa’s – .64 miles

Went for a walk in the evening – 3.03 miles

Total # of miles walked = 16.03 miles