Myrtle Beach, SC–2005

Before 2005 I was never much of a traveler. Sure I would go to the states around Massachusetts like Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and the like, but I had never really gone many other places. When I was in grade school I went to Disney and Hersey Park, Pennsylvania, in high school I went to the Bahamas for senior year, and in 2000 I went to Montreal with friends for New Year’s Eve(my first of many trips out of the country) but that was the extent of my travel. Well in 2005 that all changed. 2005 was the year my friends started to get married and it became the year I started to travel again.

It started with a movie to be honest. One of my best friend’s is obsessed with the movie Shag. If you haven’t seen it, find it, watch it, love it! It’s about a girl that is getting married and her three best girlfriends decide to take her to Myrtle Beach, SC for her last hurrah.  Over the years of watching with my friends we all had sort of adopted each of the personas of the main four characters(a muted version anyway) so we had said we would go to Myrtle Beach when one of us was getting married just to check it out. Well 2005 was that year.

My friend was getting married in October and since this wasn’t a bachelorette party, more friends just fulfilling a promise, we booked our trip for August. With none of us having ever gone to Myrtle Beach we took to the internet and scoured over hotels on We honestly had no idea what we were looking at location wise so we went with what looked like a good place for a nice deal. We ended up picking The Caravelle Resort which was a really great choice for us. It was away from the boardwalk, a semi down fall, but it was quiet and right on the beach with quite a few swimming pools for our enjoyment.  My aunt and her friend ended up joining us on a last minute trip of there own and although we stayed in the same hotel they stayed in a two bedroom condo while my 3 friends and I enjoyed a one bed room suite with a murphy bed.  From what I remember the hotel stay was polite and friendly and all of the amenities were exactly as described. My only complaint, which may have been rectified by now, was the elevators. Check out was a nightmare and I’ll leave it at that.

While in Myrtle Beach we never actually went to the beach. Well that is a lie, we did go to the beach, but only at night after a night on the town to walk the surf. Mostly we stuck to the pool , the boardwalk that had our favorite bar The Bowery, and Broadway at the Beach.  Each place held something we loved about it whether it was the never ending options at Broadway at the Beach, the fun vibe at The Bowery or just relaxing at the pool with friends. We didn’t do any sight seeing or golfing(that would have been a catastrophe if we did), we did see what we wanted to and enjoy a trip that was just about 4 girlfriends moving on to another part of their life.

We have yet to be back to Myrtle Beach, but every year we say we will go back and honestly I think we will. It really was a fun trip that was inexpensive and relaxing. I would go back again in a heart beat.