Naxos (Third Island to See)

I headed to Naxos and only planning to stay here one night before heading to Ios tomorrow. Renata and I arrived in Naxos about 1:00 pm. Managed to get a room at Pension Irene. Met Kate who is from Australia and she is sharing a room with us. We decided to walk down to the port and get something to eat. I ended up ordering fried shrimp not realizing they are still in their shell with their eyes still attached looking up at you. Or at least that is how it felt when I saw my order placed in front of me. I won’t be ordering shrimp again until I get back home. After lunch, we headed to the Temple of Apollo …..

We walked to the market and I bought some bread, tzakiki (some sort of dip, yummy!) and white wine for dinner. After dinner, ended up watching ‘Melrose Place’ which as you can guess already was in greek subtitles. Then ‘Sudden Death’ came on next with Jean Claude Van Damme. Ola would find that amusing since she doesn’t like him as an actor. Went to sleep about 10:30 pm.