NeatPack Packing Cubes

Have you ever arrived at your hostel and opened up your backpack and couldn’t find what you needed? Did you forget to pack your favorite shirt? What about the charger for your laptop or cellphone? Come to find out you did pack those things but it took you having to take everything out of your bag to find them. I have done this before when I have packed everything I needed for a trip but couldn’t find it right away. Sometimes I had to move things around to find what I needed. Other times I had to take everything out because my backpack was disorganized and the thing is I am one of the most organized people. You need to remember things get shuffled around when you are moving and may not necessarily stay in the same exact place you put them.

Now I have heard about packing cubes for years but never thought I would need them. I just always dealt with the mess that was in my backpack; the last trip I took to the mountains made me rethink that decision. I knew I had to do something different in the way I packed. I didn’t like the feeling that I couldn’t find what I needed when I needed it after arriving at the hostel and opening up my pack. Packing cubes were going to change how I packed as well as take some of the stress out of packing for me.

I decided to go with Neatpack packing cubes

The packing cubes are reasonably priced ($22.99) and come in three colors; marine, graphite and sunset. There are many choices out there for packing cubes but I love that you receive a bonus bag. I plan to use the bonus bag as a laundry bag so that I can keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean ones when traveling.

In the Box

Three bag sizes
Drawstring laundry bag


The Pros

  • See-through lining on each side of bag which makes it easy to see what you have packed. Perfect for when you want to find something fast and right away.
  • Zipper chord long enough that you can lock the chords together for safety
  • Unzips around entirety of bag for easy removal of clothes from suitcase to drawer
  • Can leave packing cube open all the way in drawer for easy access especially if only staying in one place overnight
  • Handle for carrying bag from luggage to drawer




The Cons

  • There is nothing wrong with this product


I wasn’t sure how the bags would fit in my carry on since I recently purchased a backpack that can be carried on the plane and not have to be checked through.

The first thing I checked were the dimensions of each bag to see if they would fit in the pack since I hadn’t received it yet before the packing cubes arrived. The largest cube was a few inches smaller than the Osprey that I purchased. As soon as the Osprey arrives than I can check out the packing cubes and see how they stand up to my pack. One thing to consider will be how much room I will have left in the main compartment after I am done putting everything I need into the packing cubes and put them in the pack.


I added some clothes to the largest packing cube and placed it in my Osprey Farpoint 40. As you can see it doesn’t leave much room on either side of the pack. Personally, for me, I would need a little more breathing room for my clothes. That is just me; everyone is different on how they pack. I may not use the large packing cube for my backpack though I can see myself using it if I were taking a suitcase with me. Suitcases tend to have a little more room than backpacks depending on the size of the suitcase. The medium packing cube is perfect for underwear, socks and pajamas. The small packing cube is perfect for toiletries or chords for your electronics. I will be using it to keep my electronic chords safe since unless things have changed you are supposed to have your toiletries in a plastic bag that can be taken out when you go through airport security.

One added feature I love with these cubes are the handles. Now I can take one or all three of them with me if I want to go to the beach or the gym but don’t want to take my backpack with me. I can put only the essentials I will need in them and carry them with me.



The only change I would add is being able to offer the customer more choices. The neatpack comes in three bag sizes; one small, one medium and one large. It would be nice to have the option to purchase the neatpack in small (3-piece set), medium (3-piece set) and large (3-piece set).

If interested in this 3 piece set to help you stay organized when packing, it can only be bought through Amazon  since it is not sold anywhere else.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free sample from NeatPack  for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely my opinion/experience


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