No Islands Today

Acropolis, Athens
Acropolis, Athens

Got up about 8:00 am since I was hoping to get out and make it to one of the islands today. I had to go to Siva Travel first to get vouchers to use for the ferries to the islands. Renata and I are still travelling together. I will probably be on my own when I get to the islands. After Renata and I got our vouchers for the islands, I had the travel agency check into plane fares from Athens to Poland since I was trying to find the quickest way to get to the next country. As you probably have guessed by now, I decided not to go to Romania this time around since I looked at my schedule and I would be travelling everyday that I would be in Romania. I figured in the long run I might end up saving some money. I ended up booking a one way ticket from Athens to Warsaw for May 2nd. I will be back from the islands the day before my flight leaves for Poland.

We finally left the travel agency and headed to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It was amazing to see even with work being done on this area since they are trying to restructure the area (they have scaffolding all over the Parthenon). I got to see the Erechtheion that has the six maidens supporting it. I found out later these maidens were copies and five of the maidens were located in the Acropolis museum and the other one is located in the British museum.

Then we walked down to Plaka where we had been told they would have cheap souvenirs for sale. Ended up only window shopping. I know I can’t buy everything I see. Then we decided to head back to the hostel since we were unable to leave for the islands until tomorrow.

I was going to go to Santorini first but moved it to the last island since I will need to catch a bus from Piraeus port to the new airport when I come back to the islands. Going to Santorini last will be easier for me to do it that way. So, I will be heading to Mykonos tomorrow instead. We met up with Danni, Tina, Julie, Markus and Kent who are heading to Sorrento.

I ended up going to bed about 9:00 pm since I have to get up early again to travel to Mykonos in the morning. I have to be at Rafina port by 8:00 am to catch the ferry. Before that, I have to catch the 5:45 am bus that will get me to the port.