On my Way to Edinburgh, Scotland

I headed to Victoria Coach Station to wait for the 10:30 am bus that would take me to Edinburgh, Scotland. While waiting, I decided to call Uncle John in Poland. Can he talk! Talking does run in the family though sometimes I feel like it skipped me when my shyness comes into play. But I digress. He mentioned that my dad knew how to box when he was younger. I never knew that. I hope when I see my Uncle that he can tell me more about my dad (he passed away in 1988). Finally made it to 10:30 and now I will be on the bus all day. It takes about nine hours to get from London to Edinburgh so I arrive there about 7:30 pm. After getting off the bus, I walked to Royal Mile Backpackers on High Street where I will be staying. Ola (my roommate from Yosemite) would get a kick out of the fact that I have been sleeping on the top bunk for most of my trip. So far, anyway. I hate sleeping on the top bunk. I always feel like I am going to fall out of it.

I met some girls from New Jersey and Sharon from South Africa. Sharon and I are going to take the free 10:00am tour on Royal Mile tomorrow. It goes from Holyrod Palace all the way up to Edinburgh Castle. I met another girl, Sally, who invited me for Wednesday’s wine but I was too exhausted from not getting any sleep on the bus to do much of anything today.