Paris Bound

Today is the day! Paris Bound! I met a couple of people in the reception area of St. Christopher’s Village who are heading to Paris with Busabout (best hop-on hop-off bus system for backpackers). I figured I might as well strike up a conversation with everyone I met. I was on the bus until 6:00 pm that night when we finally arrived in Paris. We had to take a ferry from Dover, England to Calais, France and then drive the rest of the way into Paris.

After arriving in Paris, we were broken up into two groups since we would be staying in two different hotels. I ended up getting a room at the Hotel Gerando. While waiting at reception to check-in, we found out there was only one room left with a double and a single bed in it. It turns out that another girl, a guy and myself were the last ones in line without a room. Jo, our tour guide, asked us if we would be fine sharing a room. We all said yes. I ended up rooming with Tracy from Canada and Patrick from Ireland. After we got settled in our room, we decided to head out and see some of the city.

We got so lost but that was the fun of it. Not knowing where we were going but knowing we would get there eventually. Plus, at one point, we forgot the name of our hotel. It’s all good. We eventually found it again.

We ended up stopping at a couple of cafes and having a drink here and there. Then, we went and bought a bottle of wine and a baquette and headed to the Sacre Coeur. We climbed all the way to the top and then sat down on one of the steps so we could look down at the lights of Paris. I couldn’t believe I was actually in Paris. While here, we met Yannis who is from Greece and we talked to him for awhile. Then we headed back down the steps and stopped at a few more cafes along the way. We met Liam at one of the cafes and talked to him before we headed back to the hotel. You should have seen us …. Before we found the Sacre Coeur ….. We looked like the ultimate tourists with a baquetts in one hand and looking at a map trying to figure out where we were.