Passing Through Time Zones

I never thought about it this way until my niece said something in passing about ‘time travel’ as she would keep calling it before our flight back home from Copenhagen. She said we pass through these time zones so it is the closest to time travel that one would get. Think about it……

You leave your home to travel to another country so you might pass through two or more time zones depending on where you live. Each time you pass through a time zone you might be gaining an hour, losing an hour or even more. You could be gaining a day here or losing a day there which is what happened to us.

We gained 8 hours when we left our home in California on June 13th arriving in Dublin on the 14th. It was 1:45 am in California when we arrived in Dublin at 9:45 am the morning of the 14th.

We gained another hour when we left Dublin for Paris on the 19th. It can be confusing to think you can gain all this time or lose all this time by going back and forth between time zones. Interesting if you really sit down and think about all the time you could gain or lose by going back and forth between time zones.

Even though we didn’t gain anymore hours when we left Copenhagen on the 29th, we did arrive back home in California on the same day we left. We left Copenhagen at 1:45 pm on the 30th. You are probably wondering how we left on the 30th if we arrived in Copenhagen on the 29th. One word….. Layover……

We arrived in San Francisco at 4:00 pm when in turn would be 1:00 am the next day in Copenhagen though we arrived home the same day we left. Interesting how you can travel through these time zones and end up in another city on the same day you left home though the hours are far between the two.

What do you think about traveling through countries that are on a different time zone than where you live? Do you find that you are ‘time traveling’ as my niece loved to reference whenever we passed through another zone? Or do you not think much about it and know you will be arriving at a different time than when you started your trip and acclimate yourself to the time you will be on during your trip? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.