Postcards From

What do you think about when you sit down to write a postcard that you send to family and friends while you are traveling? Do you write about what you see or what you are about to see? Do you write about where you’ve been or where you are going? Do you describe everything in detail? Do you leave some details out in order to leave it up your family and friends to figure out what you are trying to say? Do you talk about everyday life if you have been on the road for a while? Do you talk about that cafe in Paris that you go to each morning? Do you talk about the run you take to Phoenix Park every morning and evening while you are in Dublin? What do you write about in a postcard?

I came up with the idea of doing a series of posts centered on the postcards I have written to family and friends in my travels. I thought it would be interesting to see what I wrote about in my travels. Some of these postcards will be termed ‘flashback postcards’ since they were written many years ago when I was backpacking through Europe for months. Others will be more along the lines of recent postcards I have sent in my present day travels. Haven’t sent any of those yet but I will. For now, the ‘flashback postcards’ are what this series of posts will be about.

Feel free to email me your postcards along with what was written on the back of them to if you’d like them to be included in this series.

Requirements are:

The postcard (s) does not need to be from another country. You can send postcard (s) from your own country. Some places we visit can be found in our own backyard. You might have decided to visit other parts of your own country that you want to share.

1. You will want to make sure the address on the postcard (s) is blacked out or plain piece of paper over top address in order that the address is wiped off the card when uploading it onto your computer.

2. Upload postcard (s) to your computer along with written words from back of card.

3. Email postcards (s) as an attachment to

4. Include in body of email the date and year postcard was written, where it was purchased i.e. what city/country you were in during your travels when you wrote it. Another thing you can include in body of email is a story that goes along with your travels. What did you do on your travels that were fun for you that you want to share with others? What memories does the postcard evoke when seeing it; places you saw, people you met, food you ate?

I can’t wait to see what postcard (s) you send in that will be included in this series aptly titled ‘Postcards From.