Pub Crawl

I met some people from all over that I hung out with tonight. I was in my room reading when I met one of the girls sharing the room with me. We got to talking and she invited me to go to a pub with her and some other people from the hostel. I am going to try and remember everyone’s names since I took photos of everyone that night. I hung out with Kate from New York, Steffi from Germany, Jo from Australia, Vela from Belgium, Oosala from Germany, Jeff from Juno, Alaska and Patrick from Vancouver, Canada. Patrick had just turned 21 on St. Patrick’s Day.

We left the hostel about 8:00 pm and decided to do a pub crawl. For those who don’t know what a pub crawl is; well it’s where you go from one pub to the next. One of the pubs we went to was the Pig and Fiddle where I took the photos that night. I ended up drinking cider and sticking to the one drink. Then we decided to go to a club afterwards. I felt uncomfortable being there because of my age. I guess I felt out of place. While there, Patrick asked me if I wanted to dance. I should have said yes even though I can’t dance just so I could have some fun. Another missed opportunity. I ended up heading back to the hostel about 1:00 am.