Quiet Day in Interlaken

Did absolutely nothing today. Went and sat in the room reading for most of the day. Sometimes I need those kind of days where I do nothing since I have been seeing so many things while I have been travelling.

Pretty much stayed inside for most of the day since it was raining off and on and it was a good day to stay inside and not do anything. Don’t you need those kind of days even when you are on vacation.

Though I did walk through some of the town this morning and finished my postcards and sent them out. About 4:00, called my sister to let her know I needed for her to find me a ride for next Friday since I haven’t been able to get in touch with Dave to see if he could pick me up at the airport. I hope she will be able to line up a ride for me so I am not waiting at the airport all day. Told her I would call her back on Thursday to see if she found me a ride.

See, told you I didn’t do anything today!