Reading and Relaxing in Cesky Krumlov

Didn’t do much today except relax and take it easy. I knew now was a good time to do absolutely nothing before I headed into Vienna where I have a feeling I will be busy seeing the sights. At least I will be in Vienna for four days so hopefully I won’t push myself to see everything all in one day. I know I definitely want to see the Vienna Boys Choir (never did get to see them) on Sunday.

I basically stayed at the hostel for most of the day sitting outside reading my book and enjoying the view from the hostel. Then I headed up to the tower located at the castle to see the view of the village from up there. You could see the medieval village on one side of the road and then on the other side of the road were modern buildings like you would see in the states. I was only up there for a few minutes before heading back to the hostel to read some more. Oh and on Wednesdays, they have free keg night at the hostel so I might stick around for that. I sat outside for awhile drinking beer which I don’t usually drink since I usually drink mixed drinks if I am going to drink anything. I stayed outside until 9:00. Then it was starting to get cold so I went inside and read some more before falling asleep at 11:00.