Ringing of the Bells in Naxos

I woke up about 7:30 this morning because we are next to a church building and the priest came out to ring the bells. He rang the bells at 8:00 and then again at 8:30. Well, if I was trying to go back to sleep, this didn’t help at all. I am heading into Ios and am thinking of staying there for a few days. Kate decided to head into Ios with us.

Headed into town and walked around for awhile since the ferry for Ios wasn’t leaving until 1:30. We decided to get some lunch and walked to the Flying Dolphin which is a Thai restaurant but they were closed. We left the restaurant and walked through town to see what was open and inexpensive. We ended up going to this one restaurant that was at one end of the village. I ordered moussaka which reminded me of lasagne. It had potatoes in it and eggplant and was served with french fries on the side. After lunch, we waited for the ferry that would take us to Ios.

We arrived in Ios and found a place at Francesco’s which is located in the ‘village’ and overlooked the ocean. After getting settled in the room, we left Francesco’s and walked around the village for awhile.