Royal Mile Free Tour

I walked over to High Street hostel where the walking tour would begin. The tour lasted three hours but that is because our tour guide Spud (yes, that is what people call him — he was wearing a kilt) likes to stop at a lot of places along the way and give you a bit of a history lesson. We walked by Greyfriar’s Kirk which had an old cemetary in the back and walked to Holyrod Palace which was on one end of the mile. Also walked through a lot of closes. That is what they are called. Closes are small narrow passageways that open out to a bigger area that might have houses back there. Then we walked up towards Edinburgh Castle. That was a hike. Again, I wasn’t in the best of shape during this trip. I swore I wouldn’t walk up that way again.

After the tour was over, Sharon and I had lunch at Deacon Brewy’s Pub. After lunch, I ended up heading towards the castle at least 2-3 other times. I also went into the writer’s museum which had articles and books on Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robbie Burns (poet). Very interesting.