Ruins of Pompeii

In Pompeii
In Pompeii

Pompeii is one place to visit when you are in Italy; the history alone is worth a trip. The first time I was here was in 2001 when I backpacked through Europe. I remember staying in Sorrento, getting up early the next day to catch the 10:07 train that would take us into Pompeii. At this time, I was hanging out with Renata and Ye whom I had met on Busabout and they had wanted to see the ruins as well.

It was surreal walking along the streets where others had walked before me; those who were killed by the fallen ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the entire city in ash. I am not sure where I heard this but was told that the bodies had disintegrated leaving an outline of their bodies where an outline was made to show the person’s expressions as they were dying.

I hope you love mazes since Pompeii is like walking through a maze. You never know which way to turn to get out of the area you are in or what will be around the next corner.

The last time I visited the ruins was in 2004 when my mom and I were in Italy for two weeks. It was just as I remembered it.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on Pompeii if you’ve ever visited this city or if you ever decide to plan a daytrip here. You need to experience the ruins for yourself and immerse yourself in the history that this city provides.




  • Suz says:

    I took my boys to Pompeii and we all had an amazing time. It was far bigger than I had imagined. We had a brilliant guide who made it so fun for the boys. Really want to go back again and explore it a whole lot more!

    • Kim says:

      Yeah I realized there is a lot more to see and I know I haven’t seen all of it. I loved when I took my mom there years ago so she could experience seeing it. I felt like I was seeing it for the first time through her eyes.

  • Over 20 years ago, I did a quick half day trip through Pompeii. Much too short time for such a magnificent place. Your pictures bring back great memories.

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