Sleeping at the Airport in Copenhagen

At the airport overnight

It was never my intention of crashing at the airport in Copenhagen overnight when we were headed back home. I always planned on staying at City Public Hostel in downtown Copenhagen. Plans change….. As did mine hours before our flight departed back to the U.S. My nieces decided they would rather stay at the airport instead of trying to get downtown to the hostel late at night when our flight would arrive from Rome into Copenhagen.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cancel the reservation since it would be canceled less than 24 hours. The email sent from City Public Hostel states you would need to cancel 24 hours prior to arrival so you are not charged for the first night. I decided to take a chance and email the hostel directly and was fortunate enough to cancel without being charged. It helped that I explained my circumstances to them in the email. I basically said it would be hard for us to get to the hostel and that I was having a problem changing Euros to Krones which, in the end, turned out to be true.

We arrived at the airport around 10:00 pm finding out we couldn’t leave the airport even if we wanted to go into the city. I can’t believe the one person, me,  didn’t think to change any money over to Krones before we arrived at the airport. Luckily I had a credit card on me and used that to get some drinks and snacks out of the vending machine for us to get us through the night. I knew as soon as morning arrived I would be getting the rest of the Euros changed into Krones for us to use for breakfast while we waited for our flight in the afternoon. Speaking of flights, ours ended up being delayed over an hour before we could leave for San Francisco making our delay back into the states even longer.

Back to sleeping at the airport and the hours in between; my nieces slept while I stayed awake walking through part of the airport where we were, then heading back to where they were to check on them and then heading back out to walk. I didn’t get much sleep until I got back home and even then I feel like I am still on Denmark time which is 9 hours ahead of us.