Spiagga Beach

I actually slept in late today. Well late for me …… Walked down to Spiagga Beach for a few hours. Just laid out in the sun even though it was getting chilly. Took some photos of the beach and the town as well as Mt. Vesuvius. Headed back to the camper about 4:00 pm so I could wash some clothes. They won’t get done on their own unless I do them.

About 7:00 pm, Renata, Ye, Keht (from Canada), Trevor (from Ohio) and I headed to Il Ciclone which is the Pizzeria where we have gone before and I ordered the margherita pizza which is tomato sauce and mozzerella. Before we had headed to the restaurant, we had bought a 5 liter bottle of red wine which we drank some of before heading to the restaurant. After dinner, headed back to the camper and fell asleep about 9:30 pm