Stuff Can Weigh You Down

I never realized stuff can really weigh a person down until something happens which makes me wish I could take off at a moment’s notice and be out on the road travelling to parts unknown.

Why can’t we sell all of our stuff, quit our jobs and leave the bills and everything else behind us? Sometimes I wonder why I am letting all this stuff in my life weigh me down and keep me from doing what I want to do. Yes, I know the answer to this or at least the answer for now. Obligations. Wanting to help others out before I make one of my life goals a reality. Living in Europe for a year isn’t that far fetched of a dream. If I could quit my job and store my stuff for three months (years ago) then I can do it again. Right! But not right now. Now, I have obligations of helping others and putting them first before thinking of making this dream of getting rid of all this stuff and letting the weight finally roll off my shoulders.

Did you ever realize a car can be one of the major things (stuff) that can weigh you down that you feel you will never get out from underneath it. All this stuff can give you problems or it can bring you closer to your dreams if you let it. By getting rid of it. Selling it.

Two more years! Then I can focus on getting rid of all the stuff in my life that I have accumulated through the years and start off with a clean slate. One that will enable me to travel and not worry about going into work everyday (unless I want to) or paying bills (who needs cable?)

So what stuff is weighing you down? Is it a car that is giving you problems? A job that you are not happy with and wish you could change to one that you love? Bills that keep piling up to where you are in debt and feeling like there is no end in sight? How do you plan to get rid of the stuff in your life? Sell it? Give it away?

Would love to know the answer! How best to get rid of the things in your life and how you can make your dreams of travelling that much closer to becoming reality. Well, quicker then my goal of two years!