Taking the Boat Around Lucerne

Lucerne Switzerland
Lucerne Switzerland

Walked through some more of the town as well as walked along the water front before heading back to the hotel. Wasn’t planning on doing a whole lot today except try and find the lion monument. That was a bust! Never could find it so gave up looking for it after awhile.

Was in the bar area reading some more of my book when Carrie, Jo and Sondra showed up. They wanted to know if I wanted to go for a walk with them. I said sure. Figured I have done enough stuff on my own and it would be nice to hang out with other people as I am travelling.

We walked towards the water front and then stopped by the SNG boat to see what time they would be leaving. It takes about an hour to go around the lake and see more of the scenery. It didn’t leave until 1:30 so I sat on a bench and did some more reading. Then Carrie and I headed over to Subway to meet Jo and Sondra. Ended up eating New York Pizza with broccoli and cauliflower on it. After lunch, headed back to the water front to catch the boat. Loved being on the boat and seeing more of Lucerne and the snow capped mountains. After the boat ride, we headed back to the dock and then walked to some more of the water towers. There are six water towers that surround the edge of Lucerne. There was such a great view from the top of the towers. Then we headed back to the hostel and waited for the bus.

Bus was supposed to arrive at 4:30 but didn’t get here until 5:00. Headed onto Interlaken instead of Lauterbrunnen because I didn’t want to stay in another caravan. Would rather stay in a hostel. Got to Interlaken at 6:30. Wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was going to be bigger then it was. Expecting a city like Lucerne. At least this will be a good place to relax and enjoy the scenery around me. Staying at Balmer’s Herberge. Think if I was more into paragliding and sky diving then this would be a great place to stay.